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18th Oct 2017

This Is Us fans stunned after latest game-changing twist

It's going to change everything.

This Is Us has done it again.

The latest episode of the drama played  out like any seemingly normal one, up until the last few minutes.

And it’s going to be an absolute game-changer.

Warning: This contains spoilers for the most recent episode of This Is Us. 

Really. We mean it. 

Proceed at your own risk. 

It seemed throughout the hour that Kate was driven to loose weight so she could fit into a dress she wanted to wear for her first paid singing gig.

She’s seen brushing off Toby’s advice to take things slower, and even appeared to purchase what looked like a weight-loss supplement to help her reach her goal.

The final moments of the episode see Kate laid out on a doctor’s table, with her doctor commending her for trying to do everything she can to be healthy.

Kate nervously asked her:

“So, is it still there?”

The beaming doctor assures her “it’s still there”, before adding:

“Your poppy seed is now the size of a lentil. Congrats, you’re now officially six weeks along.”

And that was where things began to fall into place for fans.

Rewinding the episode shows that the Weight Loss area of the drugstore is right beside Vitamins (as in the prenatal kind), and that Kate was just trying to get into shape for the sake of the little one growing inside her – not the dress.

Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate on the TV show, opened up about the game-changing twist as she revealed what’s next for Toby and Kate.

She told Entertainment Weekly:

“There’s so many things going on, but she’s ultimately happy that she’s taking these necessary steps to be mentally and emotionally on the tracks, and physically on the tracks of where she’s supposed to be, and this goes to show she’s obviously very happy with Toby.

“It’s a new chapter of her life and I think one really that she never expected.”

But while Metz admits it would be “so cute” for Kate and Toby to welcome the new Big Three, she doesn’t think it’s the best thing for the couple to do at the moment.

She explained:

“I mean, I think it would be so cute if there were twins or triplets.

“But I think that would probably put her into more of a tailspin.

“But knowing Kate and Toby, they’d probably want to adopt.

“We’re going to leave the adoption stuff up to Randall. Because wooooo, he’s got his hands full.”

Featured image via NBC.


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