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24th Jan 2020

Two new boys in the villa… but all anyone can talk about is these two Islanders

Cassie Stokes

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The villa is certainly heating up with two new guys joining the group of settled islanders.

Both conveniently called Luke, Luke T and Luke M, they walked into the stunning hilltop villa in last night’s episode.

To say the girls were excited is an understatement – they were buzzing! The lads, not so much as they watched from the balcony. As far as Love Island set ups go, it was perfect: lads looking down on their ladies like lions, and the women giggling like hyenas at the thought of meeting a new potential mate.

Needless to say both Lukes are hot and their perfectly sculpted bodies will almost get lost in the sea of abs in that villa.

We love when new people come in to the villa, it brings us joy, it gives us life and it gives us something to talk about. But last night the lads took a backseat to the drama that occurred with Finley and Paige after they arrived.

You may have been confused (as was I) when Paige called her man out and started having a go at him, shouting words in a Scottish accent, leaving all of us wondering “what did he do wrong?”.

Let me break this down for you because I watched it back a few times and I think I’ve got it…I think.

Hear me out.

The Lukes arrived, the girls laughed and giggled and hugged them, the original lads watched on, then they moved towards the couches for a chat where the OG lads were invited down. When the OG lads came down they went straight to their other halves and gave them a hug and then proceeded to sit down next to their other halves.

Now this is where it all goes wrong for Paige and Finley. Finley did not sit beside Paige. They sat on opposite ends of the couch. Paige was not happy.

Then to make things worse when Finley was asked how his relationship with Paige was going he said “it’s going alright, yeah!”. Alright! I understand he felt a little put on the spot and was probably trying to be cool or ‘Peng’ in front of the lads but now one wants to hear their relationship be describe as “alright”, especially if you’re already annoyed about something else.

So that’s why Paige flipped. I think it was way over the top and so did Twitter. I loved Paige at the beginning and now quite frankly I would be terrified of her if she was my girlfriend but I mean she must like him. Myself and Stephen Byrne have a few other ideas as to why she may have flipped the lid with him, go have a listen to this morning’s Love Island podcast – I’ve Got A Text.