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01st Jul 2021

Tonight’s Love Island just screams random couples – and we’re here for it

Ellen Fitzpatrick

There’s a LOT of switching up about to happen.

We’re four episodes in and just getting to know the new batch of Islanders, and as we start to remember exactly who’s coupled up with who, it gets jumbled up.

Throwing a spanner in the works, the Love Island gang tonight are starting to sway away from their current couples, and we’re about to see some very random twosomes emerge.

The nation’s hearts opened up to Hugo from day one when nobody stepped forward for him, and we all just want him to be happy – and it looks like he’s about to be.

After last night’s explosive row between Faye and Brad, Faye isn’t delaying when it comes to moving on and decides to get to know Hugo a little better.

Speaking in the Beach Hut about getting to know Faye, Hugo says: “My thoughts on Faye are that she is a cracking lass. She makes me laugh and I’ve always said that when I’m looking for someone, I’ve got to be myself around them and have a laugh and a giggle. I definitely do with her.”

Then Faye comes along, and it seems she feels the same way saying: “Hugo for me is massively career driven and I find that really attractive in somebody. So, big tick. Well done Hugo.”

We’re finally getting some action in the villa.

But that’s not the end of it, you might be thinking “but Hugo’s with Sharon, what will she think of this?”

She seems to be distracted as she joins Aaron on the terrace for a chat.

After realising that Chloe might not be the one for Aaron, and Sharon and Hugo agreeing to just be friends, sparks start flying for these two.

Sharon says: “Do you know what? I would have stepped forward. I don’t know why I didn’t.

“I was saying to the girls ‘I’ve kissed him [Aaron] more times than I’ve spoken to him.”

Aaron replies, in a very flirty way we might add: “Am I going to have lipstick all over my face everytime I kiss you?

Sharon, giving the same vibes back, says: “I can’t make any promises.”

And that’s when they lose the run of themselves and go in for a kiss.

Heading to the Beach Hut the following day, Aaron reveals: “I’m definitely getting good vibes from Sharon.”

Which Sharon follows up with: “There is a lot of chemistry between us, and a lot of flirty banter. It’s really good.”