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06th Feb 2017

Tonight’s Eastenders included a major revelation about Denise and Kim Fox

Viewers are still in shock.

Cathy Donohue


Tonight’s EastEnders revealed a massive secret about Denise and Kim Fox – they’re not actually sisters.

As you’ll know if you follow the soap, viewers had always been led to believe that Kim and Denise were half-sisters, sharing the same mother, Emerald.

However, on this evening’s episode, Emerald revealed that they’re not actually biological sisters, in the midst of a major argument with both Denise and Kim.

The revelations didn’t stop there either for Emerald then had to explain herself and revealed that she didn’t give birth to Denise.

When Denise pressed to know more, Emerald said:

“Your uncle brought you home and you were just a little dot. What else was I going to do?”

She went on to say that this doesn’t change anything and she will always be Denise’s mother.

Needless to say, fans were shocked by such a big secret, completely out of the blue.

Image via BBC/EastEnders