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20th Sep 2023

TikTok is going in search of the female equivalent for the ‘Roman Empire’ trend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of the ‘Roman Empire’ trend that’s being taken over TikTok girlfriends everywhere.

This is seeing men being asked how often they think about the Roman Empire, and it turns out, it’s a lot.

The humorous trend aimed at men is now prompting women to find out if they have a historical period of time or an equivalent random subject that occupies their minds as much as the Roman Empire does for men.

One user put the question to the world in a now viral video: “What is the female version of the Roman Empire?” she asked, with women rushing to share their answers.

@sophisticatedspreads #romanempire #romanempires ♬ original sound – emmy

Emmy, @sophisticatedspreads, has garnered close to 700k views, with over 13,500 users heading straight to the comments section to determine the female equivalent of this trend.

The most popular results, which apparently take up the most space in our minds according to these comments, include Titanic, Helen Keller, Princess Diana, and your ex-best friend.

Other topics or moments in time that made the comments a number of times were the Salem witch trials, astrology, Pitch Perfect, and Tom Holland’s Lip Sync Battle as Rihanna (if you haven’t watched, you need to).

Various movie and TV show moments also seemingly live in our heads rent-free.

Speaking on the public reaction and response to her question, Emmy reflected on what the answers say about women. While a few topics were chosen by multiple women, there were many more topics and time periods suggested, showing that possibly the female mind isn’t occupied as much by one topic as men’s.

“I personally think the fact that we, as females, are not able to agree upon one thing, speaks to a few different things about women.

“Number one, we’re more complex than men. Number two, we’re more indecisive, and number three, we’re just more passionate about this topic in general.”

Here, here.