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22nd Jul 2016

There is a Sims version of a court case between Kim and Taylor and it’s hilarious

Whoever made this needs a medal.

Laura Holland

Surely by now we’re all familiar with the feud that’s happening between Taylor Swift and the Kardashian/West clan. 

Basically, Kanye used Taylor’s name in his recent song Famous and the lyrics suggested that Kanye would still be able to have sex with her because he made her famous. At first, Taylor said she knew nothing about the lyrics and was annoyed by them. Then Kim came out and said that she could prove that Taylor spoke with Kanye and gave him permission. She even went as far as sharing a video of a phone conversation between Taylor and Kanye about the song.

In response Taylor released a statement and said that she had given permission for the sex lyrics but not the part about making her famous. While this was all happening other celebrities got involved including Chloe Moretz, Khloe Kardashian and Selena Gomez.

The Chloe and Khloe spin off clash was particularly appalling because Khloe K shared a very inappropriate picture suggesting it was Chloe and was accused of bullying.

While all of this makes for some interesting gossip there is one particularly hilarious thing to come from it all and that’s a Sims fake courtroom scene video that was made by some genius.

It is gas.

Watch it here: