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03rd Apr 2016

The Voice Twitter Account Has The Ultimate Sassy Reply For Katie Hopkins After She Slams The Show

Finally, someone puts her in her place.

Slow clap.

This week it was revealed that Stevie McCrorie, last year’s winner of The Voice UK, returned to work as a fireman after failing to set the charts alight.

Katie Hopkins saw this as the perfect opportunity to blast the show and sent the below tweet, writing: “Last year’s winner of The Voice just went back to the day job. Not wishing to put a dampener on proceedings #TheVoice”.

The person running the account was having none of her and responded with “@KTHopkins if we weren’t a polite BBC account, we’d tell you to shut your face. #TheVoiceUK”.

Although the tweet has since been deleted, it’s clear who won this particular spat.

Not one to shy away from confrontation, Katie later responded with ” “Not to worry, the @BBC have binned you for next year, and you can say what you like @ITV”.