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18th Jan 2023

Tasha Ghouri’s dad said he wanted to “drag” her out of the villa at times

“There was nothing we could do about the trolling.”

Winter Love Island is just getting started, so now is as good a time as any to remind viewers of the impact of online trolling.

Last year, the family and friends of the Love Island contestants released a joint statement reminding fans that they are watching a highly edited reality TV show, and to refrain from leaving nasty comments. Many accounts even had to disable comments entirely to cope with the level of online abuse.

What’s more, friends and family members also have to contend with what they see on the show.

In the 2022 series, some fans were concerned with how Tasha Ghouri was being treated by her fellow islanders, and the show was hit with a number of official complaints.

Now, her dad Tarek has shared that there were times he wanted to “drag” Tasha off the show.

He told Metro: “There were two occasions where I sat with my wife and said I’m going to jump on a plane and go to Majorca and drag her out of there, but then we would talk it through. There was nothing we could do about the trolling.”

However, he also shared that he was impressed by the level of care that was provided by the show. He said that he was given many numbers he could call, and that psychologists were on hand in the villa.

Last year, Tarek condemned the “nasty and unnecessary” bullying Tasha was subject to online.

He told The Mirror: “It’s just shocking. “It’s been some horrific ‘deaf and dumb cow, b***h, s**t, she’s screwed every guy in the villa type thing.”

He added:”It’s nasty and unnecessary. It makes me sick to the stomach actually.

“I don’t know what fuels people to even think like that. They don’t even know them. It’s quite bizarre.”

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