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24th Apr 2017

Stephanie Davis brought baby Caben on This Morning

stephanie davis

Stephanie Davis did her first TV appearance with her baby, Caben.

It’s fair to say, Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell have had a very turbulent relationship. Unfortunately for them, the whole thing has been played out online and in the media.

It’s largely due to the fact that their relationship started on TV, on Celebrity Big Brother, and continued in the public eye.

Since they first met in January 2016, they’ve been on and off, even throughout Stephanie’s pregnancy.

At the moment, Jeremy is seeking help for drug addiction and is taking a break from social media, and media in general, to get better for the sake of their son, Caben.

Stephanie did an exclusive interview with Holly and Phillip on This Morning where she confirmed that she is back together with Jeremy and that they are going to make it work for the sake of Caben.

She gave an emotional interview and even brought Caben on for his first TV appearance.

Watch the interview here: