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11th Jul 2022

Stacey Solomon calls out paparazzi who were stalking her on hen party

“I do find this creepy and a bit scary.”

Stacey Solomon has called out paparazzi who were ‘stalking’ her during her hen-do.

The mum and her loved ones jetted off to Mykonos for the presenter’s hen, but they were also joined by some unexpected guests. Stacey revealed someone was following them and taking photos of their trip.

She shared one of the paparazzi snaps on her Instagram and admitted she felt uneasy about the incident.

“If I’d have known we could have sold pictures this poor quality I could have let the girls take some and sell them to pay off their holiday,” Stacey quipped.

She joked that the photographer must have been gutted because “we were the most boring hen party in history”.

Solomon added that her hen was a super laid-back affair. They collected sea shells and did synchronised swimming in the sea.

“I joke and laugh it off but I do find this creepy and a bit scary,” she admitted.

“Someone is right there following me and my girlfriends around and we don’t even know.”

“Especially because I don’t understand the point in these pictures at all,” she said.

“Why is it even necessary to follow someone around just to basically take pictures of moments I’ve already shared on my stories that they take without asking me anyway?”

Despite the stress and intrusion, Stacey said her hen party was a total dream.

“I’ve had the absolute time of my life,” the mum-of-four said.

The former X Factor star said she feels incredibly grateful she had the chance to go away with her loved ones before she marries Joe Swash later this month.