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21st May 2014

Spoiler Alert! There’s A Baby On The Way In Albert Square…

We can't say we were expecting this!

Cathy Donohue

It sounds like the patter of tiny feet in Albert Square as actress Luisa Bradshaw-White has revealed her character Tina wants to have a baby with on-screen partner Tosh, played by Rebecca Sprogs.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning recently, Luisa dispelled rumours of a relationship between Tina and Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) after the pair shared a kiss.

“No, not this year. I’ve heard rumours, but I’ve got my girlfriend and we’re going to have a baby. Well, we’re going to try!”, said Luisa.

Tina recently moved in with Tosh and the pair have been getting on well so we will be staying tuned to see how the baby story develops.


Tina and her on-screen girlfriend Tosh

Luisa was joined on This Morning by her co-star Declan Bennett who plays Dot’s grandson Charlie Cotton.

Dot, played by June Brown, is a much loved Eastenders character and there have been hints that Charlie is lying to her and he’s not who is he claiming to be.

Declan spoke about the storyline saying: “I think there’s some stuff going on in Charlie’s world. He’s getting himself mixed up in a lot of things.

“I think he’s trying to do the right things, but for potentially the wrong reasons … or do the wrong things for the right reasons, I should say!”