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03rd Jul 2016

Someone has just spotted that Matt LeBlanc broke character in Friends one time

How did we not spot this?

Laura Holland

How did we not spot this before?

Everyone loves a good blooper on a show, whether it’s on live TV or on a movie or show. Friends is a classic example of that. Even though it’s been finished for over 10 years, people are still spotting mistakes or bloopers that occurred in the show that went unnoticed at the time it was first broadcast.

Just a few months back one of the biggest continuity errors on the show was noticed after a fan spotted a stand in person in place of Jennifer Aniston. In the scene, Jennifer was there one minute and then the next a random girl can be seen.


It’s always funny when these mistakes make it to air and now a new one has been spotted by the folks over at BuzzFeed.

HOW did we miss this?

In the episode about Chandler’s bachelor party, Matt LeBlanc can be seen skitting laughing and trying to duck out of shot to avoid being seen. Unfortunately for him, the guys in charge of editing the show didn’t spot him and kept him in the shot.

Watch the scene here:

One logical explanation is that it might not have aired that way when it first was shown on TV. As BuzzFeed explains, “we’re only seeing it now because of the aspect ratio switch from 4:3 to 16:9”.

It’s the same conclusions people came to back when the Rachel stand in mistake happened.