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08th Oct 2017

A Sister, Sister reboot is happening and it’s closer than ever before

'Go home, Roger!'

Orlaith Condon

We’re so excited for this.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen many of our favourite shows from our childhood return to our screens.

Well, it looks like the 90s classic Sister, Sister could be next.

Tia Mowry has told Entertainment Tonight that a revival series is already in the works.

“I will say this, we are definitely closer than ever,” one-half of the TV duo told the entertainment site.

“That’s basically all I can say.

“But I’m getting excited.”

Tia also went on to confirm that the loveable duo who played Ray and Lisa on the show – Jackée Harry and Tim Reid – would also be returning.

“As I know of now, definitely Jackee Harry and Tim Reid will definitely be part of the show,” she added.

But what would the reboot be about?

Well, Tia might have suggested that it would pick up 18 years after the original series (wow, has it been that long?) and would focus on the famous twins as they deal with married life and kids.

“I think I would want it to pick up with where our lives are now. We’re married with kids.

“But I definitely would want it to focus on the power of sisterhood.

“How wonderful and amazing that sisterhood and that relationship can be.

“How it helps you in whatever trial and tribulations you are in.

“When you have the sisterhood and that bond, that is so beautiful.”

Lads, we’re buzzing for this already.