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28th Mar 2024

Sister Act Three is on the way according to Whoopi Goldberg

Anna Martin

whoopi goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has teased that Sister Act Three is coming

The 68-year-old co-host of The View was interviewed by People at the Madison Square Garden, Garden of Laughs event, where she gave an update on the progress of the latest movie in the franchise.

When asked when we could expect to see the flick hit the cinema the actress said: “It’s still on the way! It’s percolating.”

Though much time has passed since the last instalment of the movie franchise, Whoopi assured fans they have nothing to worry about.

“They haven’t said, ‘We’re over you and this movie,'” she joked.

Giving a real status update, Whoopi explained: “We’re still in the process of writing the script,” adding that she was both involved and not involved in that side of the process.

“It’s hard to do everything,” the EGOT winner said: “And I like to think that I can, but I’ve come to the understanding that I can’t do as much stuff simultaneously, as I’d like to.”

For those not in the know about the movies, the beloved classic Sister Act was released in 1992, which garnered massive success with two Golden Globe nominations.

This was then followed by its sequel Back in the Habit, (which deserves an award for the name alone) in 1993 grossing $57,319,029 or €53,151, 649 worldwide as the actress’ portrayal of a lounge singer turned nun captured the audience’s heart.

Whoopi plays lounge singer Deloris Van Cartier in the comedy, which is set in the aftermath of her mobster lover’s murder, forcing her into witness protection.

The performer, now known as Sister Mary Clarence, winds up as a nun at a California convent after being hidden somewhere no one would think to look.

In 1993, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit was released. In the follow-up, Goldberg played the same part.

Whoopi Goldberg
Credit: Whoopi Goldberg/Instagram

Then, almost three decades after the original film’s release, its third instalment was confirmed in December 2020 sparking excitement among fans to see the Academy Award recipient reprise her iconic role.

Though the updates have been few and far in between, fans will surely be delighted to hear things are in motion behind the scenes.