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21st Jul 2018

‘She’s going to kill me’: Laura’s dad shares unrecognisable throwback photo

You'd never know it was her.
love island

Dads, wha?

Imagine, if you will, that you became a contestant on Love Island.

Your life changes overnight – the whole world knows your name and what you look like in your swimming togs, your Instagram following skyrockets and everything from your love life to your sunburn is pored over in intimate detail on Twitter.

You might like to think you’d have your family to rely on throughout this time, but chances are they’d just share old photos of you and generally take the piss.

Laura Anderson’s dad David just couldn’t help himself this week when he came across an old photo of his daughter as a teenager.

He posted the photo of Laura in her dancing competition gear back in 2003 to Instagram, sharing that she loved competing but “hated coming second.”

“Think she’s join to kill me for this (sic).

“I don’t care, am so proud of her, thanks again to everyone for their support.”

It’s not the first old photo of Laura he’s dug up.

He posted a photo of Laura as a toddler on Instagram last week, proudly writing “Does anyone think my baby Laura has changed much?”