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15th Nov 2017

Everyone had the same reaction to 2017’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

"Who?? Him??? Why him?!?!"

Rory Cashin


The biggest demand for a recount since Al Gore was running for president.

Listen, we all know this is mostly just in good fun.

Being idolised for nothing more than being genetically appealing on a surface level is something we can all relate to (Insert question mark here if necessary).

Since its inception in 1985, People Magazine’s Sexist Man Alive has honoured the likes of Mel Gibson, Nick Nolte (?!), Adam Levine (ugh), and some of the more obvious likes of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, David Beckham and Bradley Cooper.

However, this year’s winner was announced, and everyone promptly responded with a perfection recreation of that confused-face emoji.

Nothing necessarily against Blake Shelton, aka Mr Gwen Stefani, aka one of the judges of the American version of The Voice, but … is he the sexiest man alive today?

In a world with all of the Chris’s – Pratt, Hemsworth, Pine, Evans – and the two Ryans – Reynolds, Gosling – and countless other ridiculously handsome men out there, the title going to Blake Shelton gives us all hope that literally any of us could win it next year.