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09th May 2022

Selling Sunset’s Chrishell reacts to Maya’s reaction to her new relationship with G Flip

Sarah McKenna Barry

“I know a lot of you are confused. But what is important is that I am not.”

Days after the Selling Sunset reunion aired, Chrishell Stause has responded to her co-star Maya’s reaction to her new relationship.

While on the show, Chrishell told Tan France about her new relationship with Australian musician, G Flip, much to the surprise of some of her cast mates.

The realtor shared: “I’ve been spending a lot of time with someone who is very important to me, they’re called G Flip, they’re non-binary so they go by they/them.

“They’re an extremely talented musician and it all started because I was going to be in their video.”

Fans couldn’t help notice that Maya looked extremely shocked as Chrishell told her news, and she admitted that she was a little confused, but told her colleague that she supports her as long as she is happy.

Maya also referenced Chrishell’s desire to have children, and said that she hopes G Flip is in the same boat.

Chrishell has since referenced Maya’s reaction, and assured her fans that she knows she didn’t mean any harm by it.

Taking to her Instagram grid, Chrishell posted a snap of Maya’s confused face, and the text superimposed onto it reads: “Me realising how many people didn’t know you can adopt children on your own.”

In her caption, she wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of the mothers that are with us and to those that no longer are.

“Absolutely no matter how you got there.”

She then added that Maya is a “supportive beautiful mom”.

“We laughed about this before posting,” she wrote. “I know a lot of you are confused. But what is important is that I am not. Thank you to the beautiful open minds that have shown support. I want to hug you.”

Maya herself then replied saying that she wants to use the meme in a real estate context, and wished a happy Mother’s Day to all.

Amanza Smith, who was absent from the reunion, also took to the comments to share her support for Chrishell.

She wrote: “Love you my sweet Chrishell. You are amazing in every way and there’s nothing confusing about choosing happy. I am just sad I missed my chance! Love you to forever!”