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14th Apr 2022

Scrabble has launched a new online game to rival Wordle

Katy Brennan

The next Wordle?

Scrabble is back and better than ever. Following the massive success of Wordle and all its variations, a new web-version of the classic game has been launched.

Mattel Toy Company, which owns Scrabble, teamed up with game developer Scopely after noticing the recent popularity of word games.

The game, which you can play here, offers player versus player matches with people from around the world. There’s also an option to test your skills against an AI computer program.

Online versions of Scrabble in the past have focused more on single-player gameplay, but this one is all about playing with others.

It has matchmaking options – so you can find someone else to play with that is close to your own ability quickly. It also promise to be “working on fun additions to the online experience”, although they have yet to be announced.

For younger people who are new to the whole idea of Scrabble, there’s lots of help, including a blog and a forum where experts provide advice.

“The popularity of word games further validates and demonstrates something we’ve known all along: Word games are beloved experiences and play an important role in the lives of many people globally,” said Beth Nations, Scopely’s vice president of growth for casual games.

“The rise of Wordle just helps to remind people how much they love word games.”

Meanwhile, Wordle is still enjoying huge success with 45 million daily users and alternative versions of the game continuing to grow.

A new spin-off called Moviedle has been doing the rounds recently, where users are tasked with naming a famous movie after being showed a single, condensed clip of the entire film.

Players have five guesses, and if they guess wrong they are shown the clip again slowed down.

Like Wordle, players have the option to share their correct answers on social media or directly with friends.