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17th Jan 2017

Scott Patterson shares his favourite moment from Gilmore Girls

And it doesn’t involve Lorelai.

Whether you were a fan of the reunion or not, The original Gilmore Girls had countless memorable moments throughout the seven seasons.

Luke had plenty of interesting scenes in the show, from being grumpy in the diner to declaring his love for Lorelai. However, among all of these things, his favourite scene of the whole seven seasons was actually a very funny one, involving Jess.

Scott Patterson, who played Luke, did a Q&A with Elle this week where while serving coffee.

When asked what his favourite moment from the original season was, he didn’t even stop to think.

”Pushing my nephew, Jess, into the lake.” He said.

He adds: ”Number one moment, probably in my life.”

If you can’t remember the setting of this, bad boy Jess had been accused of stealing a collection box, among other mischievous acts. After a heated debate, the pair storm off across a lake and Luke aggressively pushes him in.

It’s pretty funny to be fair.

While his favourite moment didn’t involve Lorelai, he did have a very sweet reply when asked ‘why did it take Luke so long to realise he was in love with Lorelai’.

”Luke was always, always in love with Lorelai, he just hid it well… until he couldn’t hold it in any longer.”

You can watch the full interview below.



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