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26th Dec 2017

Rory Cowan speaks out about his Mrs Brown’s Boys replacement

He left the show in June after 26 years.

“It’s not something I want to revisit.”

Rory Cowan has revealed that he has no interest in his replacement on Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Brendan O’Carroll’s hit sitcom returned to our tellies last night but with a big change – a new actor in the role of Rory Brown.

Rory Cowan, who had played the role both on stage and screen for 26 years, left Mrs Brown’s Boys earlier this year.

Last night’s reveal, which showed that Damien McKiernan had taken over the part, was a big moment for fans but not for actor Rory.

He says he has put the show firmly behind him.

Speaking yesterday, he told the Irish Sun he was planning on watching something else.

“I won’t be watching Mrs Brown. I’ll be watching Victoria on ITV. I love that series. It’s two hours long and I’ll be glued to that.

“I’ve no interest in Mrs Brown’s Boys. I left that show six months ago so it’s not something I want to revisit. And whoever replaced me is not my business either.

“What happens with Mrs Brown’s Boys, I’m not interested.”

Rory is currently starring in Olympia panto Polly and the Beanstalk, having taken over the role from comedian Al Porter.