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12th Oct 2017

Riverdale fans stunned as controversial character returns

Riverdale fans were definitely shocked.

Riverdale is finally back for the long awaited second season.

And the first episode, called A Kiss Before Dying, kicked things off with more than it’s fair share of drama.

This story contains spoilers for Riverdale season 2, episode 1. 

The newest episode of the CW drama mostly focused on the mystery of who shot Fred Andrews, otherwise known as Archie’s dad.

The final minutes of season one saw Archie’s dad get shot while they were grabbing a bite to eat at Pop’s diner, leaving fans wondering what exactly was going on.

After the initial theory of a robbery was shut down by Pop Tate, who says “not a penny” was taken from the diner, the focus turned to whether or not it was someone with a grudge against Fred.

And most characters seemed to think it was either Veronica’s dad, Hiram, who made his big return home in the episode; or one of the Southside Serpents, who Jughead may-have-sort-of-accidentally recruited to beat up a random guy.

But it turns out that the killer doesn’t seem to be affiliated with either of them – and appears to be after people connected to Archie.

The final scene of the episode shows Miss Grundy – yes, she’s back.

Well, sort of, anyways.

The former Riverdale High teacher, who was run out of town after her affair with Archie was revealed, is seen seducing another student…before becoming the second victim of the mysterious killer.

And viewers were definitely shaken by the final moments.

Riverdale season two is currently available on Netflix.