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03rd May 2022

10 of the most ridiculous moments from Selling Sunset

Sarah McKenna Barry

Truly a wild ride.

The latest season of Selling Sunset was easily the most explosive yet.

As we digest the exorbitantly priced houses, lavish parties and dramatic storylines, the time has come for us to reflect on some of the more ridiculous moments. The previous season raised our expectations – who could forget Christine’s chair purse? – and there were times when I worried season 4 wouldn’t be topped. Having said that, the season delivered.

So, ahead of the reunion, here are 10 moments from season 5 that live in my head rent-free.

1. Christine’s snake necklace

Love her or hate her, this season saw Christine lean into the villain role more than ever before, and she decided to have some fun with it. The divisive realtor followed in the footsteps of one Ms Taylor Swift, and embraced the snake title by literally wearing one around her neck.

2. Vanessa’s boyfriend’s ‘proposal’

This moment felt a bit like a fever dream for me. Nick had popped by the office to deliver coffee to Vanessa, and then presented a ring to her before heading off. Her co-workers looked on in shock at this ‘proposal’, and honestly same. However, once Vanessa regained the ability to speak, she confirmed that he had given her a promise ring, rather than an engagement ring.

3. Romain being a builder all of a sudden

The past few seasons have seen Mary’s husband Romain enjoy a sort of bromance with the Oppenheim brothers, and in season 5 he was truly welcomed into the fold because he’s now a builder all of a sudden? Is this just to keep him close by? Does he have any training? I thought for sure he was a baker. Make it make sense!

4. Emma pitching her frozen empanadas to her client

Without a doubt, Emma Hernan is this generation’s Linda McCartney. Sitting on an empire of vegan foods, this realtor/businesswoman is on a mission to get her empanadas into every restaurant in America, and while it’s admirable, one has to ask, is there really a demand for frozen veggie snacks in high-end LA bars? Wouldn’t that kind of be like if the Vintage Cocktail Club started dolling out some Bird’s Eye Veggie Fingers? Actually…maybe she’s on to something there.

5. Christine and Chelsea’s baby beach party

Netflix really wants us to know that these two are the most extra reality stars, and their rendezvous on the beach with their super-cute babies decked out in Gucci set that bar high. Honestly, rich people live in a different reality to the rest of us.

6. When Mary referred to Chrishell as her dog’s future step-mommy

Mary was excited at the prospect of Chrishell marrying Jason as this would elevate her best friend to the status of her dog’s step-mother. I am begging these people to define themselves in non-canine terms.

7. When Jason said he only wants a daughter because he’s afraid of the Oppenheim male gene

And Brett just nodded sagely and agreed??? What did he mean by this? What do they know that we don’t? Deeply unsettling, I have to say.

8. When they all lost their minds over vodka water

In one of the party scenes, the gang go crazy for a drink called vodka water, which is literally just vodka in a glass with ice and some water. Pretty grim if you ask me. Give me a double vodka Diet Coke any day of the week instead.

9. When Christine said she was modelling herself on Elizabeth Holmes and Ivanka Trump

We think she meant only in terms of aesthetics, but still. Two solid role models there.

10. The return of Adnan

In the early seasons, Adnan, the man looking to shift his questionably priced ($75 million) home, loomed as a notorious figure, so we were truly delighted to see him return and give Davina a second chance. We have our fingers crossed for more Adnan antics in season 6.