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28th Nov 2019

Remember the Toy Show’s JohnJoe Brennan? He’s going to be on RTÉ One tomorrow night


Denise Curtin

Major throwback alert.

Little JohnJoe Brennan (who’s not so little anyone) will be back on our screens tomorrow night ahead of The Late Late Toy Show.

10 years on, the 18-year-old will speak as part of The Late Late Show Toy Show Unwrapped, a segment which is taking a trip down memory lane and speaking to former toy show stars ahead of Friday night’s show at 9:35pm.

JohnJoe tells the programme that he’s now studying law in Paris. Studying for his baccalaureat, his clock fixation is stronger than ever but right now he’s concentrating on his studies.

“The hazard with me is that I am addicted to clocks. It’s really something that’s in my blood, thanks to my Granddad, mainly. It’s still a passion and I like to restore clocks in my spare time still, whatever spare time I have now. I’m now a very happy and very busy 18-year-old law student.”

Continuing, JohnJoe told the programme that he can’t believe how well people remember him on the TV and he’s very moved.

“What’s very important to me is the kindness that people demonstrate…they take the time to remember and that means a lot, it shows it meant something to them. The fact that it developed into such a phenomenon is completely unexpected, and very moving, I must say.”

Need a reminder of the clip?

Catch JohnJoe on The Late Late Show Toy Show Unwrapped tomorrow night at 7pm.