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28th Dec 2017

The Queen’s subtle reference to The Crown during this year’s speech

Wait, did she just...?

Wait, did she just…?

The Queen’s annual Christmas message caused quite the stir this year after she seemed to reference the Netflix hit series based on her life.

Yes, viewers were convinced that the Queen did in fact mention and, even more than that, throw shade at The Crown and they were loving it.

She began her message by recalling the first Christmas broadcast televised back in 1957.

“Sixty years ago today, a young woman spoke about the speed of technological change.

“She presented the first televised broadcast of its kind.

“She described the moment as a landmark.”

She was, of course, speaking about herself, and went on to talk about how much it has changed in the 60 years.

However, that 1957 speech was also very prominent in the second series of The Crown, leading many viewers to believe that Queen Elizabeth was indeed giving a nod to the show.

This isn’t the first time people have been convinced that the Queen watches the Netflix drama.

Last month, the actress behind the show’s Princess Margaret told reporters that she heard the head of the royal family is watching.

“We did hear from someone that the Queen had watched it – which is so scary,” she said.

“The thought of her sitting up with her crumpets in bed… I’ve got this vision of it. But [they say] Philip hasn’t, which I also love.”