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07th Apr 2017

Pippa Middleton has ‘banned’ Vogue Williams from her wedding

Well, this is awkward.

A few weeks back we’d heard about Pippa’s ‘no ring no bring’ rule, which meant that her guests were only allocated a date for her wedding if they were engaged or married.

It seems Vogue Williams now falls under that bracket and is after getting herself ‘banned’ from the wedding. She’s currently dating Spencer Matthews, whose brother is marrying Pippa.

It’s believed that Pippa wants to distance Vogue from William and Kate. She doesn’t want a reality star mixing with them, apparently.

A wedding insider told The Sun,

“Pippa’s view is that Vogue’s relationship with Spencer is still very new. It wouldn’t be appropriate for her to be there after just a few months of dating.

But some people in the circle are pretty shocked because this is her future brother-in-law who’s going to end up attending on his own. It’s certainly raised eyebrows.”