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18th Apr 2015

PICTURE: ‘Friends’ Fan? You Will Probably Find This More Than Just A Little Bit Scary…

And once again... we feel ancient!

And once again… we feel ancient!

Yes, yes, we all know we’re getting older, there’s no need to be reminded every day of the week right?

Well, in saying that, we pretty much nearly keeled over when we saw these pictures of the triplets from Friends all grown up.


So much so, that we had a bit of a munch on leftover Easter egg (by leftover read ‘newly bought’… and at half price too!).


The triplets would have turned 17 if Friends was still running this year.

Scary, right? So here’s what they’re up to now.

First up we have Frank Junior Junior, or rather, Dante Pastula. Born in 1997, Dante also featured in Polar Express but is said to be no longer involved in acting.


Next up we have Leslie Buffay, otherwise known as actress Allisyn Ashely Arm. Born in 1996, Allisyn landed her first role at the tender age of two.

And yes, she is holding a chicken.

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And finally, the triplet that was named after funny man Chandler, was played by Sierra Marcoux.

She did not continue in acting.


Hat tip: Buzzfeed