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28th Nov 2018

This pic of Prince Philip before he married Queen Elizabeth proves he was a total fox

Well, well.

At the age of just 18, Prince Philip was already in communication with his future wife, Queen Elizabeth.

The pair first met in 1934 and married 1947 after being granted permission by her father, King George VI.

And while pictures of the Queen growing up are fairly easy to come by, we had never seen this picture of the young prince.

While studying at Gordonstoun in Scotland, Philip took part in some extra-curricular activities including sports and naturally posed for team pictures alongside his peers.

This was one of those photos.

But can you tell which one is Prince Philip?

He’s right there in the middle of the front row and we cannot get over it.

Yep, that was Prince Philip at the age of 17 and he’s a total fox.

Just nine years later, Philip was married to Elizabeth.

The throwback picture also highlights the similarities between himself and a younger Prince William.