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18th Apr 2017

People think these are the first images of Cheryl and Liam’s baby

Could they be?

As we know, Cheryl and Liam Payne have kept their pregnancy and birth of their first baby very secretive. They left us hanging for months without confirming that they were expecting, even though it was so obvious that Cheryl was pregnant.

So, needless to say, we were not exactly shocked when they kept their newborn son on lock down from the public.

Cheryl did post one photo to announce his birth but that was it.

We still have no proper photo of the baby… until now it seems.

Fans have gone into meltdown over images shared online of a baby, who they believe is Cheryl and Liam’s. It’s all down to the person who shared them – Cheryl’s hairdresser Dani Ruci.

He shared some Snaps of a little baby and people have jumped to the conclusion that Cheryl must have paid him a visit.