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18th Jan 2020

Penn Badgley on the ‘really strange’ way they work Joe’s voiceovers in while filming You

Keeley Ryan

Penn Badgley has revealed the “really strange” way they work in Joe’s voiceovers while filming You. 

Season two of the Netflix hit landed on the streaming service late last month, with a third season announced on Tuesday [January 14].

The second season saw Joe Goldberg move to LA, took up the name Will Bettleheim, and – it’s fairly safe to say – has brought murder, mayhem and chaos with him to the west coast.

Oh, and he fell for someone new: Love Quinn.

One thing that has stayed the same since season one, though, is Joe’s voiceover – which features just as much in Los Angeles as it did in New York.

And to mark the launch of season two, Penn Badgley, who plays the murderous Joe Goldberg, recently went to Buzzfeed to answer fans’ questions about the show.

Among them? Just how they incorporate Joe’s voiceovers into the filming process.

The actor confirmed that there are lots of long pauses to accommodate the voice-over – and there’s no dialogue that gets cut.

“This is something that I’ve gotten very good at, or at least used to. And it’s something the other actors have to learn as well – which I think for them, when it’s new, is really jarring,” he said.

“We have somebody, this season it was my stand-in Danny, he reads my voiceovers. It’s really strange, it’s very technical – it’s not like normal acting at all.”

“[Danny]’s not getting paid enough, because he had to do a lot more than an ordinary stand-in,” Penn added, as he explained that Danny actually features in one of the episodes this season.

It turns out that Danny was in episode eight, the episode where Joe and Forty are tripping on LSD. He plays the groom whose wife Forty kisses.

“It’s a thankless role,” Penn joked. “But we were happy to see him on camera.”