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26th Feb 2023

Olly Rix didn’t see Helen George until their Call the Midwife wedding

Olly Rix plays Matthew Aylward in the BBC series.

Call the Midwife fans will finally see Trixie and Matthew tie the knot in this weekend’s finale.

The beloved couple has faced hurdle after hurdle this series, but they’ll finally get their happy ending tonight.

Fans cannot wait to see Nurse Trixie walk down the aisle, and neither can her co-star Olly Rix.

During filming, Olly Rix promised not to see his co-star Helen George before she was walking up the aisle. The actor admitted he wanted their on-screen wedding to feel as real as possible.

Olly Rix told RadioTimes;

“I’d made an agreement. Anyone I knew that could help me with this, I pulled to one side and said, ‘Look, I don’t want to see Helen. I don’t want to see the dress. I don’t want to see Helen [the] morning of’.”

He told the crew that he didn’t want to arrive to set at the same time as Helen. He also told them that he didn’t want to see the actress get out of the car.

“I did everything I could to see Helen for the first time pretty much when she was walking down the aisle, which was nice.”

Rix has swiftly become a Call the Midwife fan-favourite. Viewers were overjoyed to hear that he will be returning for series 13.

As will his on-screen partner Helen George.

Call the Midwife airs on BBC 1 at 8 pm tonight.

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