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01st Apr 2017

Have you noticed this weird new show on your Netflix feed today?

Rory Cashin

Your favourite new Netflix show is probably going to disappear at midnight.

Showing that your favourite streaming service has a sense of humour, Netflix launched the premiere of the first episode of Netflix LIVE! today, and then promptly cancelled the rest of the series.

You’ve probably noticed it on your feed today with the word CANCELLED written across it and thought nothing more of it.

But for those that did investigate, they discovered that this “Live Show” featured Arrested Development / BoJack Horseman / The LEGO Batman Movie star Will Arnett narrating… everything.

From a microwave cooking a burrito, to someone attempting to parallel park their car, to photocopying machines in action, to Adam Sandler getting in a thumb war with Barb from Stranger Things, Arnett talks over it all like a really sarcastic David Attenborough.

The episode is 50 minutes of deadpan humour, and will likely disappear at midnight once April Fools’ Day is over, so enjoy it while you can.

Clip via Netflix US & Canada