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20th Oct 2018

Noooo! Emmerdale viewers think they have figured out Kim Tate’s next victim

Keeley Ryan

Kim Tate is heading back to Emmerdale next year.

And considering that it took her all of .5 seconds to order the death of Joe Tate, it’s more than likely that she hasn’t lost her thirst for blood – or that the rest of the villagers will be getting out unscathed.

Especially with the whole pushing-her-off-a-balcony-and-onto-a-champagne-tower thing.

While Kim doesn’t (yet) know that it was Faith Dingle who shoved her, she may be keen on revenge if she finds out the truth.

Or she may go after one of the other villagers, for some reason or another (like Charity, for standing her ground with her).

But some viewers think they have figured out Kim Tate’s next victim – and it looks like it’s going to be someone a lot closer to Home (Farm).

Graham has seemingly been pushed over the edge after being forced to kill Joe; breaking down at the viaduct afterwards, and then again after he heard a voicemail in which Joe referred to him as his father.

And while he’s holding it together for now, it’s more than likely that he will crack – eventually – and that may cause Kim to lash out, worried that the truth about Joe’s death may come out.

With the speculation that Kim’s henchman, Vincent, will be joining her when she returns…well, it’s not looking good.