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01st Nov 2019

No lads, Bake Off’s Henry isn’t dating Michael… or Alice, sorry


For the past while now, rumours have been rife around the possible dating scenarios present among this year’s Great British Bake Off cast.

Is Henry dating Alice? Is Henry dating Michael? Is Henry dating Noel Fielding because apparently anything is possible at this stage.

The lad has been getting it from all angles for the entire show, and although the suspicions have – for the most part – come from a place of love and affection, he has indeed decided to set some things straight.

Bake Off has always thrives on people helping each other, but this year I think it truly became clear how close we all got when several tabloid reports claimed that Alice and I were in a relationship based on the photos together,” he wrote in The Times.

“This was news to me and to Alice’s boyfriend. These reports were swiftly followed by stories claiming that Michael and I were an item, based on a photo of us hugging.

“If a lingering hug is the qualifier for a relationship, then I dread to think what everyone thought of my farewell to Sandi [Toksvig]!”

The moments of contention in question came when Michael was eliminated from the competition – and later on when he, Henry, Alice, and David shared a rather suggestive photo of them all kissing, blatantly playing up to the fact that the public was convinced that someone was dating someone.

Apparently though, they’re not – so that’s the end of that.

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But how many couples can you see…? ??‍♀️ #GBBO

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David emerged victorious from the tent earlier this week, beating Alice and Steph for the coveted Best Baker Ever (Or At Least For Another Year) win.

Fair play to all involved.

Similarly, if you’d like a go at next year’s Bake Off, applications are indeed open. 

 “When selecting applicants for the Programme Love Productions will, amongst other factors take into account: skill, enthusiasm, drive and love of baking,” reads the application form.

“Love Productions is looking for lively characters that are comfortable being filmed.”

Should probably be able to bake pretty well too, yeah.