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11th Aug 2016

“Oh captain, my captain” – 12 of Robin Williams’ finest performances

One of the all-time greats.


Remembering the man, the comedian, the actor, the legend. 

Today marks the second year since the death of one of the most highly-regarded and legendary actors, Robin Williams.

Although he has gone far too soon, he left behind a legacy of work that can only be described as absolute brilliance.

Here, we take a moment to reflect on just some of our favourites performances by him.


Mrs. Doubtfire.

The role he is perhaps most recognised for, Williams played a father who, following separation from his wife, tried desperately to go on seeing his children by dressing up as an old lady who became their nanny.

This is Williams at his comedic best.

Mork & Mindy.

Many will remember him for his performance as Mork in Mork & Mindy, a role he apparently improvised quite a bit with so that crew stated it was like watching a genius at work.

Good Morning, Vietnam.

His role in Good Morning, Vietnam won him a Golden Globe. Here, Williams played a DJ posted in Vietnam in a role that was quite reflective of his own life as he too brought some joy into a very difficult and heartbreaking situation.

Dead Poets Society.

“Oh captain, my captain.”

One of his most famous roles, Williams took on the character of an English teacher inspiring his students. A movie that tugs on the heartstrings and inspires all who watches it.


Another childhood favourite, this re-imagining of Peter Pan is a firm favourite in Her Towers. Williams played Peter Banning who was forced by Hook to return to Neverland to rescue his children.


Williams playing the Genie in Aladdin is another of our favourites. One of the first big stars to take on the animation world, Williams reportedly improvised a lot of his lines for this Disney classic. He is note perfect, hilarious, entertaining and all together, just quite brilliant.


Although a lot of Robin Williams stand-up routines were firmly aimed at an older audience, his film work was most certainly for children. Jumanji was another one of those great kids films where Williams played Alan Parrish, an adult who became trapped in a game called Jumanji.

The Birdcage

If you haven’t checked out this remake of the French film, you really need to. Williams played Armand, one-half of a gay couple who put on a major act with his companion in order to ensure his son’s future parents-in-law would approve of his family. Of course, things don’t go exactly to plan…


Robin Williams and Billy Crystal were just hanging about in the same studios as Friends was being filmed. The pair asked could they be involved and totally improvised the below hilarious scene. It just shows the extreme brilliance of both, but particularly Williams. This is hilarious.

Good Will Hunting.

Many forget that Williams was first and foremost a dramatic actor, a point he most certainly proved with his spellbinding turn as a psychologist in Good Will Hunting.

One Hour Photo

Playing completely against type, Williams was cast as Seymour Parrish, a man working in a photo booth who became obsessed with the seemingly idyllic lifestyle of one of the families who were his customers. Williams was terrifying in the role, mainly because we had learned to trust him over the years.


When you are working for Christopher Nolan, you know that you are among the best in the business. Williams, again playing against type, was cast by Nolan as the number one suspect in the case of a murdered teen. The performance is haunting yet brilliant.