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13th Jul 2021

Netflix’s new Cat People documentary is going down a storm

The show is restoring people’s faith in humanity, left, right and centre.

A brand new documentary on Netflix about people’s relationships with their cats is going down an absolute treat with viewers.

Cat People is a six-part docuseries developed by the same team that made Dogs, which was also super popular with animal lovers.

The show explores the lives of six individuals whose lives have been shaped by their feline companions.

In the first episode, we’re introduced to Moshow, a rapper who has made a living off his viral videos, which feature cameos from his pets – Lil’ Parmesan, Queen Sushi, MegaMam, Black Savage and DJ Ravioli.

Moshow explains that when he kick-started his career in rap, he found great inspiration in his cats.

Elsewhere in the series, we meet a woman who runs a cat cricus, a couple who opened up a cat sanctuary in Syros, an artist who designs 3D cat paintings, a surfer cat and an individual who raises money for cats in need.

All six episodes of Cat People are streaming now, much to the delight of cat lovers everywhere.

Viewers took to Twitter to share the emotional rollercoaster that comes with watching the series.

Some were excited before the show even began.

“About to cancel my dinner plans after finding out there’s a Netflix show called Cat People,” a Twitter user wrote.

“There’s a mini docuseries called Cat People on Netflix and tell me why I’m crying,” one fan wrote.

Another said: “Absolutely LOVING Cat People on Netflix, four episodes in and my faith in humanity is gradually being restored. Plus, cats are the best.”

Someone else on Twitter wrote about how it was high time we were privy to such a show: “Netflix really made a documentary series about cat people, and yes I am watching it.”