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16th Nov 2020

Netflix is making a documentary about Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s murder

Cassie Stokes

“The only documentary project ever to have been made with the blessing of Sophie’s family.”

Netflix is set to tell the story of Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s murder in West Cork.

The streaming service has revealed they will air “a new three-part documentary series about Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s life, made in collaboration with her family” in 2021.

The Toscan du Plantier case shook the nation back in 1996, and still to this day is a very sensitive topic of discussion. 24 years later and still no one has been charged with the woman’s murder.

The series is the first to be made in collaboration with the du Plantier’s family. The documentary will include testimonies from Sophie’s entire family in France, as well as one from Ian Bailey, a journalist who was arrested in connection with the murder.

Bailey was never tried and denies any involvement in the murder. In 2019, a French court found him guilty of Sophie’s death and convicted him, but the the Irish courts recently ruled against his extradition.

Executive producer of the documentary, Simon Chinn, said: “This series will take viewers on a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns as we carefully unravel an extraordinary story from its beginning, 24 years ago, to the present day.”

“As the only documentary project ever to have been made with the blessing of Sophie’s family, we feel it’s critical to properly understand who Sophie was as a person and the events that led her to her terrible fate.”

The series will include “interviews with the key players in Ireland and France,” including Bailey. “We will drill down into the evidence surrounding a murder investigation which remains mired in anguish and controversy.”

Netflix plans to release the documentary in 2021, but it is yet to name the project.