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13th Sep 2023

Ian Bailey claims ‘stress’ of being accused of murder caused his heart attacks

Ian Bailey has claimed the stress of being accused of murder caused his heart attacks.

Bailey suffered two heart attacks within a week and he claims it is because of the stress of the Sophie Toscan du Plantier investigation.

He was accused of murdering Sophie Toscan du Plantier in Cork in 1996 but has maintained his innocence.

Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s body was found outside her holiday home in West Cork in 1996. Mr Bailey has been arrested twice in connection with her death, but he has never been charged with her murder in Ireland.

However, in 2019, Bailey was convicted in absentia by a court in Paris of the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

He stressed that he had nothing to do with Sophie’s death despite being the main suspect since her murder.

The poet said the pressure and stress caused his heart attacks, but he is reportedly on the mend.

Bailey told The Irish Mirror that he has experienced an extreme amount of stress in his lifetime.

He told the publication: “Ah look I don’t think anyone’s been put through more stress in a lifetime than I have.

“The amazing thing is people used to say to me I don’t know how you handle it.

He added, “Eventually, things catch up. But I’m on the mend.”

Bailey was admitted to Bantry General Hospital but was later transferred to Cork University Hospital.

He praised the healthcare workers at both hospitals and said he is in the best possible hands.