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07th Jun 2019

Love Island viewers were convinced they saw Simon Cowell in the villa last night

Olivia Hayes

That would be a weird flex.

If you tuned into Love Island last night then you’ll know shit is about to go down. The past week has mainly centred around the love square that is Lucie, Tommy, Joe and Amber, with the rest of the contestants barely getting any air time.

Well, except for Curtis and Amy – we’re totally shipping them so they can get as much air time as they want.

With a recoupling on the cards for tonight, we can see tensions getting high, and it seems like all the lads want to do is have a ‘chat’.

So. Many. Chats.

They even love to have the chats with themselves. Last night, while the guys were working out and, well… chatting, viewers of the show thought they saw a new member plonk themselves into the villa.

And that new member was Simon Cowell.

Of course, it was not Simon Cowell and instead was Callum – who, by the way, it getting no air time at all.

We chatted all about how he might as well not even be there on our Love Island podcast, I’ve Got A Text. You can check it out below:

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