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24th Jun 2019

Love Island fans are calling Tom a ‘sexist pig’ for how he treated Maura last night

Rebecca O'Keeffe


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Love Island fans are calling Tom Walker a sexist pig, after his carry on about Maura last night.

Maura got a text, telling her that she got a night in the hideaway for winning a task earlier in the day.

For her cheeky night away, she selected Tom Walker to join her in the hideaway (cause they’d been kissin’).

While the pair were off preparing for their romantic evening, Tom started behaving in a less than cute way.

“Let’s see if she’s all mouth or not” said Tom to the other lads, speaking about Maura.

Maura overheard Tom’s conversation, and rightly had a go at him.

She told him to “fuck off” after what she called his “dick head” comment.


And fans of the show have called Tom out for being a sexist pig.

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“Good for her for not standing for that male chauvinist pig behaviour. Regardless of how she talks about sex, doesn’t mean she’s a piece of meat,” wrote one fan.

Another said:

“Tom is a good example of how boys act big and mighty in front of their mates and then act like the cat got their tongue when confronted.”

“Tom saying ‘let’s see if she’s all mouth’ about Maura because she’s open about her sex life is a prime example of how women are objectified for expressing liking sex etc,” tweeted another.

“Just cause a woman is open about their sex life doesn’t mean she’s open to sleeping with anyone!”

How did it all pan out? We’ll have to see this evening folks.