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16th Jul 2022

Love Island producers – what’s with the cliffhanger on movie night?

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Not another one.

Love Island fans have had their fingers crossed for one challenge to appear in the show again this year ever since it caused chaos in the villa last season – of course, movie night.

Fans were begging producers to bring it back and yesterday, it was finally confirmed it was making a return on Friday night’s episode.

Viewers were getting their own popcorn ready to see the islanders watching their own antics, things they’ve been up to and kept a secret from their fellow contestants.

Towards the end of last night’s episode, Gemma got a text which read: “It’s time to get glam and hit the red carpet as you attend Mad Movies the premiere! #SpillThePopcorn #ITV2andChill”

Dami admitted: “Personally, I know I am starring in this movie!” While Ekin-Su said to Davide: “If we pass this we’re fine.”

Davide mused to the boys: “Forget nothing, at the end someone will pay the bill.”

Answering questions in a very I’m A Celeb way, the boys and girls fought against each other to be able to pick the clips they wanted to see.

We saw Ekin-Su and George’s steamy night in Casa Amor finally come to light in the main villa, and by the look on Davide’s face, the words “liar” were on the tip of his tongue.

We then saw the scene where Dami read Gemma’s mind, saying her head could be turned, and Luca was immediately in a rage – despite Gemma telling him about the incident at the time.

Just as we all sat back and waited for things to really kick off with Luca and more clips to emerge, Ian Stirling’s voice popped up with the good old “tomorrow night”, and we were teased even more chaos.

And like every good episode this season, we didn’t get to see all of it as it was cut short by yet another cliffhanger.

Fans were fuming on Twitter, with one saying: “i will be cursing the love island producers for this cliffhanger…the audacity to make everyone wait two days.”

Another said: “A CLIFFHANGER?! #LoveIsland.”

A third wrote: “I would have preferred to wait until Sunday and seen the whole thing rather than watching 2 clips tonight and then being left on a cliffhanger!… again! ? so annoying.”

While a third wrote: “love island leaving us on a TWO DAY CLIFFHANGER what do you MEAN i have to wait until Sunday ?!”