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28th Feb 2023

Love Island first look: Will and Jessie’s pillow talk has the islanders talking

Ellen Fitzpatrick


Love Island is back on our screens tonight and in the aftermath of Claudia and Casey ending things, Rosie is getting grafting with her new couple.

Casey tells Rosie: “I feel a lot better after chatting with Claudia, I just let her know that I have a stronger connection with you, she didn’t take it the best but for me the connection is a lot stronger.”

Rosie replies: “Good, well I’m obviously happy.”

Casey goes on to add: “I do really want to be affectionate with you, I want to kiss you, I want to hug you but just out of respect tonight I won’t.”

Rosie says to Casey: “I get that, I get that completley.”

Following the challenge yesterday, Will confides in Jessie about his chat with Tom and Casey.

Jessie says: “It’s a little bit disappointing Casey sees it that way to be honest, I can understand why he would feel that way but it’s a bit of a stretch.”

Will explains: “I said, ‘I’m sorry that you feel that way, my intentions were never to hurt you, they were to make sure that Claudia is ok.’”

Later on, Jessie pulls Casey for a chat and says: “Firstly, are you ok? The boys mentioned that you were a bit annoyed?”

Jessie goes on to tell Casey: “The boys weren’t trying to not stick up for you, they were just trying to console Claudia.”

Casey responds: “The boys have apologised to me so it’s fine.”

Jessie says: “I’m going to be honest, I don’t think that they needed to apologise.”

As the conversation continues, Casey says: “I don’t understand why you’re trying to get involved in this, I don’t know why you’re getting your two pence involved.”

Jessie says: “Because I feel bad for Will because I saw how upset he got about you being surprised at him.”

Casey responds: “I really don’t understand why you’re getting involved in this, it’s really got nothing to do with you. I’ve literally been through this with everyone, I don’t need to go through it with you.”

Once the evening starts, Will gets a text which reads: “Islanders, the Hideaway Retreat is open tonight. Please choose a lucky couple to spend the night together #NightToRemember #NoPiesAllowed.”

Unanimously choosing one couple to send there, the girl tries on different outfits as another says: “Honey, when he sees that, he’s not going to sleep.”

Talk soon turns to the future as the boy says: “I know how I feel about you, I know it will work on the outside, I will make it work. I want to bring you into my family, I feel like they will love you to pieces, I really do.”

But the Hideaway isn’t the only place getting some action as over in the main bedroom, Will and Jessie are chatting as she says: “I don’t think anyone speaks their true minds here, I voiced my feelings towards Casey.”

Casey overhears and says: “Get a life Jessie.”

Will says: “It wasn’t about you.”

Casey replies: “I heard my name.”

In the morning, Rosie tells Lana and Olivia about overhearing Jessie mention Casey.

Olivia says: “I just don’t think the intentions are that genuine.”

Rosie adds: “I really hope for Will’s sake they are.”

Not the only one doubting Jessie, Maxwell also voices his opinion, telling Casey: “When it was the Casa recoupling and Jessie came back and realised Will was single and she started crying the entire time I was looking for a tear and I couldn’t find a tear.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.