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09th Mar 2023

Love Island first look: The islanders’ final dates are happening


Tonight is the night the islanders have been waiting for – it’s each couple’s final dates.

This evening we get to see each couple head out of the villa for their most romantic date yet on Love Island as the show enters its final days.

The Islanders awake to an unexpected text and there is a bit of news for the couples.

Samie reads aloud: “Islanders, the time has come for each of you to go on your final date! #ADateToRemember”

Shaq says: “You just know the final dates are going to be amazing.”

As they all excitedly get up and get ready, they are shocked by another message telling them they they need to make an important decision during their dates.

In a new twist, during their dates the islanders must vote for the least compatible couple and those with the most votes will be at risk of being dumped.

Finally, it’s time for them to head out and Lana and Ron are first up and treated to a magical breakfast, which sees them floating on water. Their date is accompanied by a spine-tingling performance from a South African choir.

Discussing their Love Island journey, Ron says: “Day one and now look at where we are, having a breakfast date on a river, a floating date!”

Reflecting on their experience Lana tells Ron: “It’s like overwhelming joy, I’m just buzzing that we’ve had this journey together and we are here now, I’ve loved every second.”

Talk turns to how much they both want to meet each other’s families. Ron tells Lana: “My mum will adore you.”

Later, Samie and Tom are next to go on their date and Tom drives them in a classic red Ferrari as they are treated to a private mountainside restaurant located in the middle of a lake and decorated with red rose petals, with a harpist to serenade them.

Tom says: “This feels like a dream doesn’t it?”

As the date gets underway Tom has something big he wants to tell Samie, she replies: “You’ve left me a bit speechless now.”

In the evening, Shaq and Tanya are invited to their date underneath the stars and both dress to impress.

When Shaq and Tanya get to their date. they are greeted by a string quartet within a rose and candle lit location.

Shaq tells Tanya: “With you I’ve found the one, I don’t want anyone else.”

Tanya and Shaq talk distance and whether they would consider moving for each other but as the date draws to a close they discuss a huge milestone but what is it?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player