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25th Jul 2019

The Love Island final is coming and we’re celebrating in absolute style

We're buzzing for this!

Denise Curtin

The end is nigh.

We’re holding back the tears and staring at an empty calendar that will shortly see us free again every night at 9pm.

Getting our lives back has never seemed so sad but look, it is what it is and although I promised myself I wouldn’t fill this article with cringe Love Island lines, I’m honestly not ready to crack on with another series.

Love Island this year has proved to be one of the most explosive series to date and although we questioned its strength at the beginning, it has truly impressed us and if anything, handed us some new people to stalk on Instagram (hello Greg, Ovie).

But no, this season was truly a special one for us because it was also the birth of our Love Island podcast I’ve Got A Text. With over 100,000 downloads, we laughed, we bitched and we dissected everything to do with the show alongside you and some fabulous guests over the course of the past eight weeks.

We truly had so much craic creating this podcast and laughing alongside you so THANK YOU for being such a ride.

Now, it only makes sense that we celebrate the final in style and so, for the last episode of the series, we’re going to be recording our show from the sold-out Love Island viewing at Dublin’s Omniplex cinema in Rathmines.

We’re going to be recording the show at the cinema while sipping on prosecco and playing some gripping Love Island games to a packed audience and you at home.

We’re also going to be chatting about the 2019 WINNER, dishing our thoughts on the final and hearing what you thought of it.

We also have some exciting news to announce on the show so hold on to your knickers, it’s all about to KICK OFF.