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02nd Feb 2023

Love Island fans have some things to say about Shaq and Tanya’s confession

Ellen Fitzpatrick

So… That episode was interesting.

One recoupling, one dumping and… one couple saying “I love you”. A lot can happen in two weeks, apparently.

Much to fans’ dismay, Zara was dumped from the villa after Tom was last to choose, subsequently coupling up with Ellie and leaving Zara single.

And while this should have been the biggest thing to have happened on the show last night – fans can’t stop talking about the confession both Shaq and Tanya made to each other

Not even two new bombshells coming in could top this one – the couple told each other they love one another. And yes, the show has only been on for two and a half weeks.

In a holiday romance like no other, Shaq took Tanya to the terrace after the recoupling and confessed he had strong feelings for her and it wasn’t long before Tanya said it back.

While the two seem to be happy, some fans aren’t as convinced.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Shaq and Tanya will have a wedding before casa amor at this point.”

A second said: “Shaq and Tanya are behaving like they’re on the titanic.”

Another added: “I love you?????????? THREE WEEKS?????? Shaq and Tanya please.”

While a fourth penned: “Shaq and Tanya I love yous while the rest of the villa is in shambles. REPARATIONS!”

Another wrote: “Tanya and Shaq — “I love you”. Please stop chatting rubbish. It’s been about 9 days.”

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