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20th Jan 2023

Love Island fans suspect a feud is on the way after hearing a snide comment

Ellen Fitzpatrick

This is what we wanted.

Love Island fans have spotted that a feud might be starting between two of the islanders and we’re here for the drama – only less than a week into the show.

Chaos arrived yesterday on the dating series and with a mix of very different personalities in the villa together, there was bound to be a few heads clashing, we just didn’t think it would be this early.

Since Zara came in as a bombshell, fans of the show have noticed that she has quite a strong personality – quite like her fellow islander Olivia who has been there since day one.

But after last night’s show, fans were quick to spot that a feud is brewing between the two after Olivia clearly took offence to Zara choosing her as the most two-faced Islander during a game of beer pong.

“ZARA AND OLIVIA BEEFING OHHHHH THE DRAMA IS HERE FINALLY #loveisland,” one wrote, while a second added: “THIS IS THE DRAMA WE WANTED I hope Olivia puts Zara in her place, would be funny #loveisland.”

A third penned: “OLIVIA FIGHT ZARA I WANNA SEE DRAMA #LoveIsland,” with a fourth writing: “Olivia and Zara are going to fight, finally some drama #LoveIsland.”

Last night’s Love Island saw the first dose of drama, as Shaq and Haris got all fired up.

The fight all started with a simple game of ping pong meets dares, but as any Love Island fan knows, the games on this show are never as innocent as they sound.

During the game, Tanya was dared to kiss the three male contestants she thinks would be the best kisser, but she didn’t select Shaq, who she is currently coupled up with. Elsewhere in the game, the show’s latest bombshell David was dared to kiss the islander he fancies the most for 30 seconds, which led him to smooch Tanya.

Afterwards, the boys parsed through the night’s antics, but things escalated quite quickly, when Haris asked David how his kiss with Tanya went. This led to an explosive argument between Shaq and Haris, as Shaq accused Haris of stirring the pot.

Haris told Shaq, “You shut the f**k up”, and Shaq responded saying, “You shut the f**k up you f***ing p***k.”

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