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01st Jan 2018

Looks like we’re one step closer to a Downton Abbey movie



Downton Abbey closed its doors for the seemingly final time on Christmas Day in 2015.

The historical drama, which ran for five seasons, first began the day after the Titanic sank in 1912 before taking fans through the events of World War I, and bidding its final farewell in 1925.

Following the finale of the show, millions of fans across the globe have been hoping for a big screen adaptation – with filming meant to have began last year.

When that didn’t end up being possible, many viewers of the ITV show began to worry the movie may not happen after all.

But it looks like there may be a bit of hope for Downton Abbey fans.

Phyllis Logan, who played Mrs Hughes on the long running drama from 2010’s season one until the series’ end in 2015, has revealed the cast are being asked about their schedules.

Adding more fuel to the speculation about a big screen adaptation of the beloved drama, she said that there’s a “potential script” heading for the actors and filming dates have been arranged for 2018.

She told the Daily Mail:

“Everyone’s been asked what’s going on between this date and that date.

“So we just hope that all the elements – because there are so many – come together.

“To have a last hurrah with all the characters, going back to the castle and seeing all the old muckers will be fantastic. I’m certainly up for it.”