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28th Aug 2019

Line of Duty’s Martin Compston and Peaky Blinders’ Sophie Rundle lead cast of BBC drama The Nest

Line of Duty’s Martin Compston and Peaky Blinders’ Sophie Rundle lead the cast of the gripping new BBC drama, The Nest. 

The five-part series follows loved-up Dan and Emily, who are absolutely crazy about each other. They live in a huge house in a beautiful location just outside Glasgow and want for nothing.

All that’s missing is a baby – and they’ve been trying for years.

Through a chance encounter they meet Kaya (played by Mirren Mack in her first role), an 18 year-old from the other side of the city, whose life is as precarious at theirs is comfortable.

When Kaya agrees to carry their baby, it feels like they were meant to meet – but was it really by chance?

Who is Kaya and what has brought her to this couple? Can the dreams of Kaya, Emily and Dan be fulfilled, or have all three embarked on a relationship of mutually assured destruction?

The Nest is described as being an emotional thriller about love and money, and the price of being able to buy whatever you want – and we’re definitely intrigued.

Also starring is Shirley Henderson, Katie Leung, David Hayman, Fiona Bell, James Harkness, Bailey Patrick, Kate Dickie, Paul Brannigan and Samuel Small.

Martin Compston said:

“I’m absolutely delighted to join the cast of The Nest.

“Nicole Taylor is one of the most exciting and original voices in writing today, I’m chuffed we’re finally working together.

“Combined with filming in Glasgow and going back onto BBC One in my native west coast accent makes it a dream scenario.”

Writer and Executive Producer Nicole Taylor said she was “overjoyed” to be filming in her hometown of Glasgow “with a cast I have long dreamt of writing for”.

She continued:

“Martin, Sophie, Kate, Shirley, James, David… they’ve all been chatting away in my head for years as I’ve been writing (unbeknownst to them!) so I could not be more proud that they have agreed to join The Nest and make these characters real.”

The Nest is due to start filming in Glasgow in September.