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24th Apr 2020

After Life season two has just landed on Netflix, so weekend sorted, tbh


Last year, After Life delighted everybody with its accurate, heartwarming, and entirely wholesome depiction of grief, friendship, and eventually moving on.

Created by and starring Ricky Gervais, the series details the story of Tony, a man whose innate lust for life is crushed by the untimely passing of his wife, Lisa.

The black comedy received fairly favourable ratings across the board, with many applauding Gervais for writing a script that was equal parts poignant, important, and really very funny.

And now, After Life season two has just landed on Netflix – so if you were lamenting the impending weekend with not a whole lot to watch, look no further.

In series two, whilst still struggling with immense grief for his wife, Tony does everyone a solid and tries to become a better friend to those around him.

But taking the leap isn’t as simple as it seems, as each person is grappling with their own problems – issues that are only intensified by the looming threat of the local newspaper shutting down.

Chaos, it seems, is surely likely to ensue – and it unfortunately looks like Tony might be the only person with the capacity to lift everybody’s spirits.

Let’s see how that pans out, shall we?

After Life season two is streaming on Netflix now. You can check out the trailer for season two here: