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24th Mar 2019

Having a lazy day? There’s a great comedy on Virgin Media One tonight

Staying in?

Denise Curtin

Staying in for the night?

Well, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to the telly offerings to help beat that dreaded Sunday night fear.

And we’re setting a reminder to pour a “hair of the dog” glass of wine and be in front of the TV for 9pm because Virgin Media One is showing Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Starring Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker, this 2009 classic follows an estranged couple, Paul and Meryl whose marriage is falling apart, mostly the result of Paul’s affair. But when the pair witness the murder of one of Meryl’s real estate clients, they are whisked off into a witness relocation program, where they set up a new, temporary life together in Wyoming.

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The film follows quite a cliched storyline, one of those ones where you can guess what’s going to happen right from the beginning but, nevertheless, full of laughs and more tender moments.

Aside from that, Shrek is on Sky Atlantic at 7:15pm and The Intern is on Comedy Central at 9pm.