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17th Sep 2018

Laura Anderson has revealed the real reason she and Paul broke up

Orlaith Condon

The pair announced they split last week.

We had so much hope for Laura… and Paul, sorry, and Paul.

Yes, we fell in love with sweet Laura during her time on Love Island and when Paul entered the villa, we thought she’d finally found her perfect match.

Fast forward a few weeks and the pair announced they’d broken up to heartbroken followers and everyone asked the same question – why?

Well, Laura has now revealed the reason the couple decided to call time on their relationship.

“When we came out of the villa, there were a lot of work related things we did together and then Paul went away for three weeks,” she told OK! Magazine.

“He went to the Burning Man festival in America and he couldn’t get phone signal for a week. I was absolutely fine with that.

“I trusted him not to do things with other girls, which he didn’t.”

However, when Paul returned home, things seemed to have changed for the pair.

“I was hoping that when he came back we’d spend more time together and build a proper relationship out of the villa.

“It didn’t happen.”

Laura has since removed all the images of the pair from her Instagram and unfollowed him on social media, saying that she doesn’t need to see him now.

“I don’t really want to see what he’s up to now because I’m not involved in that.

“You have a little look now and again and it torments you!”